Welcome to the new year of the Uniondale High School Marching Knights. I look forward to working with the veterans again, and bid a sincere welcome to all of our new members. We just completed a very busy and interesting year and I'm sure you are all anxious to know what is in the works for 2016-17 school year.


The staff has been actively working for the past few months, preparing the show concept and music for the upcoming 2016 marching band show. We are looking forward to growing and pushing the students to achieve a higher level of excellence, with an incredibly competitive show for next fall.


We have a very busy fall planned for your child. In my experience, the cornerstone of any successful marching band program is commitment and dedication from both the students and parents. This is a team sport, and it is expected that all students be at every rehearsal and performance, on time and well prepared. We expect that each student will give 100% effort at all times, in order to make this the most successful and enjoyable marching experience for everyone.


The summer schedule is somewhat similar to last year as our band camp location is again at Uniondale High School.  Included in the envelope you will find the times and dates of rehearsals and performances, so that you may plan accordingly.


Again, I’d like to personally welcome each of you to this 2019-2020 UHS Marching Band season. I look forward to fostering musical and personal growth during our pursuit of excellence.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Musically yours,


Colton Wynter

UHS Bands




Janine Bradley

UHS Kick line/Flag team Coach




















 From the creative mind of filmmaker Jordan Crafton experience the passion and the drive of Uniondale High School's former Marching Band Director Frank Abel and the 2009-2010 "Marching Knights" in the Short Documentary "It's Showtime " .